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Here are tips to ensure the best RCC experience possible:

  • Ask speakers to take turns talking and to always state their names before speaking.   This helps the captioner and RCC user to know who is speaking.

  • Encourage speakers to enunciate directly into the phone, speakerphone or microphone. 

  • Encourage all non-speaking attendees to mute their phones.

  • Ask the others to minimize background noises (i.e. paper shuffling, moving speakerphone, snacking, etc.).

  • Ensure that any video or presentation is played near the phone, speakerphone or microphone for clear transcription.

For the most efficient captioning, please send an email to prior to your event (conference call or webinar).  Include your Event ID and as much advance information as possible, such as names of attendees, agenda, speaker’s notes, PowerPoints and any other information that may help.

For technical or captioning issues during the call, click here.